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As your designer, I always loved fashion. Attended Ray-Vogue College of Design in Chicago in 1980. Had the privilege to attend private showings in Paris with my school. Chanel, Dior and Hermes. It was such a Fabulous experience embedded in my brain. 

Now days, I love to share my sense of fashion with my designs. Pillows, Faux Fur Wraps and Beverage covers. I custom make each piece with a d.Snow label. DSnowLiving website will give me the ability to sell to you. Very Exciting!

My Custom Pillows will be shown year around and the Faux Fur Wraps will be in Fall/Winter only. Owning unique pieces is fun. As a general public, mass production has been around forever but timeless pieces, hand-crafted, our Priceless!

Deb Snow, Designer


d.Snow Custom Pillows - soon

Faux Fur Collection coming August.

Fashion is so much fun. Do not be afraid of changing your look up. We all need some fun in our lives. d.Snow Faux Furs will put a smile on your face.

You Deserve to Look Fabulous!

Coco Chanel -

How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone.